Christianity includes all y’all, from Syria to Egypt to Texas

Bronwyn Lea

August 28, 2013

Welcome to TC, Bronwyn! I like this part (among many!): "The New Testament does not view Christians primarily as a group of loosely affiliated saved individuals, nor does it address us as loosely affiliated saved communities comprised of local churches."

We are All Y'all in Christ. Not the Borg (http://timfall.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/the-bride-of-christ-is-not-the-borg-collective/), but a wonderful collection of individuals who are brought together in Christ.


August 28, 2013

I just got through the ESV and noticed that myself. Actually, two other translations do a good job of this: the King James Version (where "ye" is plural) and the New World Translation (where the capitalized YOU is plural). Unfortunately, the New World Translation is a horrible, inaccurate translation in other ways.

Good article, Bronwyn.

Adam Shields
August 15, 2014

John Dyer wrote a plug in for when you are reading scripture on line to do exactly what you are suggesting we need.


It has a variety of plurals (not just y'all) so that you can make it work for your own particular region.

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