Cosplay and wearing our character

Maureen Herring

July 25, 2012

It's a hobby. You know how people spend thousands of dollars on tickets to sporting events and even paint their bodies in the colors of the teams (you might even say they look like the turtles in the picture) and no one bats an eye? That's because doing that is a socially acceptable hobby, and dressing in cosplay is for "weirdos." I go to comic conventions and although I don't do cosplay, I enjoy the costumes, and the vibe of the shows. It's a community, and a place of acceptance. Kind of like what church is supposed to be, and so often isn't. I'm not saying it replaces church. But it's just a hobby.
For me, it's nice to go to one place, a Star Wars convention, and have no one make fun of Star Wars. In fact, everyone likes what you like!
The 501st Legion, the Stormtrooper group, does tons of charity work, and people adore them.

July 25, 2012

I was going to draw the same analogy as obiwen; when people dress like athletes with players' names/numbers on jerseys, paint faces and bodies, etc., that doesn't mean they're too passive to express themselves without taking on the identity of the athlete. It's an accepted expression of their interests. That's how we geeks are, too! If I were to dress in a TARDIS or Dalek costume, it's because I love Doctor Who. I'm not trying to temporarily acquire missing traits, I'm just a fan, enjoying time with fellow fans. (My family dresses up for ren fairs as well... I wonder what Robin Rosenberg would say about that?)

Steven Koster
July 26, 2012

I love the connection between dressing up in a football jersey and body paint with dressing up in a turtle suit and body paint. Sports and SyFy are both fantasy environments that enact stories of quest and conquest. We want to participate in stories and root for heroes, whether as Urlacher or Thor.

It's a deeply human impulse to be in a story--we need to be going somewhere. We find meaning by being in motion. Few true nihilists can say "There is no grand problem with the universe--not sin, not ignorance, not suffering--stuff just happens and it means nothing." The rest of us need to be headed somewhere.

Cosplay is a reflection of our basic human need to reflect God and participate in his story.

November 1, 2017

Although I know this is not talking about furries , I just have to mention I am one and I am a christian.(because fursuits are cosplay for me I searched this up) In my opinion , I think its just a hobby. As long as your still thinking about/honoring god and not just paying attention to cosplay , I think it is ok. I've always questioned if cosplay/fursuits are ok in the eye of god, but I think that I need to stop worrying about it , because in the end its just a costume.

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