Does The OA Want to Believe?

Josh Pease

Josh Pease
January 19, 2017

The OA is only willing to takes its celebration of spirituality so far.

Eric Lingren
January 20, 2017

I was hooked early and disappointed with the conclusion. Somewhat vague and resolution unsatisfying. Very thought-provoking however. Worth watching. I would critique myself in that I want clean lines at the end of my entertainment. This one didn't do it and left me wanting something more. Something I agree with or hope for. That maybe the writer's intent, to leave it a mystery in some form. Question unanswered as with the villain's motivation.

January 21, 2017

Don't read if you haven't seen it yet. Possible spoil alert

Just finished this show 2 nights ago. I really enjoyed this show a lot. I keep thinking that it cannot be over. I would like to think that the books were picked up to remind her of the people she left not tools that enabled her to make up a story. The scars were real and she could see again. She was gone for 7 years. The bus accident did happen and there is video of her playing in the subway. The interpretative dance did stop a possible mass killing maybe not in a way that we would expect from the previous results of the healing dance. I don't know this show did affect me though. I don't think it is over.

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