Easter music: songs than which none greater can be conceived

Andy Rau

March 20, 2008

Another great Wesley hymn: Christ the Lord is Risen today. More contemporary: Easter Song by Second Chapter of Acts.

March 20, 2008

Man I love musicians who can take these oldies with awesome text and modernise them without losing the power and meaning!<br><br>Bryn Haworth did this with <a href="http://www.kevinprosch.com/special/kp-FinerThingsInLife.html" rel="nofollow">When This Passing World Is Done</a> on acoustic guitar and it's beauty moves even hardened teenagers almost to tears!<br><br>Any other examples out there?

Christian M.
March 20, 2008

Interesting. I love many of the older classic hymns, such as the ones mentioned, and enjoy sometimes "revoicing" them in acoustic arrangements for a new generation. However, I think I can honestly say I have never heard (or heard of) <i>Ah Holy Jesus How Cast Thou Offended</i>. I was expecting to be musically and lyrically wowed by the MP3, but was neither (I wasn't emotionally moved). That says nothing about the song, really, but a lot about me. As a writer, musician, and worship leader for 30+ years, that suggests to me that some favorite hymns must be strongly tied to formative times in one's Christian life and church experience. <br><br>When I think of what kind of Easter music moves me emotionally, I think of all the hymn standards, of course, and a few lesser known celtic and English hymns, but my mind also goes to what I would consider folk hymns such <i>Easter Song</i> (Anne Herring) and <i>Love Crucified Arose</i> (Michael Card), and modern hymns such as <i>In Christ Alone</i> (Townend, Getty) and <i>Wonderful, Merciful Savior</i> (Rogers, Wyse). Those songs wow me and move me every time. I am a child of 1970s evangelical Christianity, so I guess that has shaped my spirit for what kind of music moves me. Just an observation.

Kevin Oliver
March 22, 2008

My personal favorite is the old Negro Spiritual, "Were You There," and any of several versions of it by Johnny Cash. I posted about it myself this week on my music blog, <a href="http://www.wordpress.com/kevinoliver" rel="nofollow">www.wordpress.com/kevinoliver</a>.<br>

Laura Muresan
April 7, 2012

I disagree with Christian M. that a hymn's power depends on learning it in childhood. I have no love for many of the Easter hymns of my youth; growing up in the Baptist church, much of the music was dated and of poor quality. The hymns I most love--"Ah, Holy Jesus" among them--I have only learned in adulthood. Really, anything from the Genevan psalter is bound to be wonderful.

Almost all modern stuff will be outdated and set aside, but these great, classic hymns never need updating. Now, I just wish they'd leave the words alone!

David Vallejo
April 10, 2012

Travis Cottrell- In Christ Alone/The Solid Rock (we did this one at church this past Resurrection Sunday).

Granted, it's a modern song...but with a very old soul.

The lyrics are timeless and the tune melodic and soul-stirring; the arrangement is perfect- esp. the cello intro.

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