Five suggestions for that college care package

Maureen Herring

August 16, 2012

Our first child is on the way. We won't be having to pack him or her for college for many years, but your article already has me thinking about that.

I suppose one "intangible" I would hope my child is able to pack away when the time to leave home comes is a sense of identity. I think the most catastrophic thing that happened to me as I went into college was not knowing who I really was--deep within. I knew who I WISHED I was...who I wanted to reflect to the other students and faculty...who I hoped they would reflect back to me...and who I felt like I SHOULD be. But, in truth, I did not have the courage to face who I really, authentically was.

I guess I'm hoping that, as my wife and I raise our first child, we'll model a kind of authenticity that allows him or her to accept himself or herself as God sees him or her.

Thanks for a thoughtful post.

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