Get Out and Galatians 3:28

Charles Holmes Jr.

Charles Holmes Jr.
March 21, 2017

As a retort to assimilation, Get Out reminds us of diversity's place within the body of Christ.

March 22, 2017

I found your evaluation of Gal 3:28 to be refreshing. Yes, it pertains to salvation! Just because salvation is offered to all, does not mean that our differences are no longer meaningful.

Lately I have seen Gal 3:28 misapplied in many new ways. Specifically, the line of thought I have seen advocated is that since we are neither "male or female" gender must be irrelevant, and therefore we should make no distinctions about gender, and ignore all other Bible verses which do. I find this approach to be narrow and not consistent with unified them of Scripture.

Seeing that verse used to push an agenda breaks my heart. Seeing used to celebrate the gift of salvation gladdens me. Thank you for your article. :)

Lynn E.
March 22, 2017

I look forward to seeing the movie - nice to get a Christian perspective. I agree with you and Robert that the context of the verse involved the Jew/Gentile aspect in the first century and although it now pertains to the rest of the non-Jew world being included in the plan of salvation, this verse has nothing to do with gender identity issues. I haven't heard that before Robert but it does show how off-course interpretation can be when context is abused to wrangle a (false) doctrine where one doesn't exist.

I always like to look at the previous and following verses to help with connectm the dots, and if you read v. 23-27 , it's evident.

Good review Mr. Holmes!

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