Good Friday, the holiday that's different

Andy Rau

April 1, 2010

Sorry if i am hurting any sentiments... but isn't the Good Friday the day Jesus sacrificed for good of man kind, doesn't it mean all the evil of betrayal, cruelty, injustice etc is supposed to be forgiven? Doesn't it mean that we are not even supposed to get thoughts of those evil feelings and 'sins' in our head? Then why is it suggested to sober over all the bad things that led to the event, instead of supporting the purpose of the event by erasing the evil even from our thoughts? I think meaning of "amazing event in human mankind" that u mentioned won't me served unless until we stop looking it as an event that should be remembered every year and make sure we follow the purpose of life that Jesus wished to convey by this event on each and every day of the year. Instead of spreading the word of Jesus, we tend to spend the word by the name of Jesus. I Hope you get the difference I am trying to point, and if you think its relevant please publish this on your website. If you think it isn't thanks for reading through it.

April 2, 2010

I think you may be selling Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, and Epiphany short!

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