How Congress and Christians share a perception problem

Jerod Clark

Brooklyn Cravens
January 20, 2011

Yes, I think we do resemble Congress as Christians. We live in a society where we worship feelings, and quite honestly we'd rather listen to a sermon, read a book, or have Starbucks with other Christians throughout the week (things that make us feel good about ourselves) than go out and reach the lost. That takes discipline and takes you out of your comfort zone.<br><br>Don't get me wrong -- it's important to be reading books about God and enjoying Christian fellowship. God designed those to be enjoyed by us. So is candy, but when you eat too much candy you end up hurting your body and putting yourself in a position that you possibly never intended.

January 20, 2011

This is a great point. Thanks Jerod. Our elected officials actually call themselves "public servants" but that usually elicits a cynical smirk. Likewise followers of Jesus are supposed to be the servants of all yet our reputation is that we wish to seize the public order and rearrange it to serve sectarian ends. <br><br>At the same time if you've ever served an institution you know how difficult it is to be the servant of all. There are conflicting needs and difficult challenges the resolution of which may not satisfy any one particular faction. It is a challenging calling. We should probably pray for Congress more than we complain about them. pvk

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