How Should Christians Navigate the Gender Revolution?

Branson Parler

Branson Parler
February 13, 2017

While biblical culture-making includes gender-making, this is not a blank check to do whatever we want.

February 13, 2017

The message of this article is amazing, and I wish more Christians understood this. As it stands, I feel like Christians either yell that LGBTQ is okay and don't listen to those who objects, or they yell that LGBTQ is not okay and don't listen to those who object. Whether it's okay or not, many people are personally invested in their sexual and gender identities, so to ignore their voices is wrong. Whether they're right or not, many Christians believe in their hearts that such a lifestyle is wrong, and desire obedience to God, which is very important, so to ignore their voices is wrong. One of the greatest problems in this country is we don't listen to each other in love.

Doug Vande Griend
February 14, 2017

Thanks for the thoughtful article Branson. It is helpful in discerning and framing important questions, even if it doesn't purport to provide all the answers (the attempt at which would no doubt take up much more space than TC would allow for an article :-)).

Rex M
February 15, 2017

The center of it all : the love of Christ lives in and abides in the heart of the authentic Christian - - this love bears Fruit -- "....listen patiently and sort through the complicated medical, relational, and theological questions related to intersex and transgender persons. To do that, we must put on our identity in Christ, so that we listen, think, and act with love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. When we do that, we will be used by God to bring healing, and to bear witness to the ultimate identity revolution that is found only in Christ." Jesus would say: "Listen to Me... Hear Me."

Jonathan Barb
March 8, 2017

Very though provoking stuff. This humbly teaches us to no make snap judgments or decisions when it comes to things we do not understand. I'm thankful for this article.

November 5, 2017

Nowhere in this article do I see any of the Lord's solutions, such as repentance. These people are sinners, like we all are. When we go soft on these fashionable sexual sins (and yes, all of it is sexual) we are attempting to marry heaven and hell, a big mistake according to C. S. Lewis.

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