In defense of remakes (even Evil Dead)

Todd Hertz

Esther Aspling
April 3, 2013

Our lives retell stories all the time. How many David's have you met?
What about Paul's?
We should be retelling those modern stories of redemption because their message still rings true.


Shari Dragovich
April 4, 2013

I love this post. Last week, on my blog, I wrote through the Passion Week by re-telling Christ's final week before his death, in story form - through different people's eyes who were there (or in some cases, could have been there). Bible stories, just re-told in a literary way. It had a profound impact on me - just like you wrote above - it drew me closer to Him. You are right - we NEED to tell these stories. They need to stay alive. Thank you for sharing your well-articulated thoughts on the subject. Grace & Peace, Shari D. http://sharidragovich.wordpress.com

Joshua Pease
April 5, 2013

I've never really heard a defense of remakes before, and appreciate the argument you're making here.

To some extent I'm with you - I've heard it said there's something like 17 different kinds of stories and we're just retelling them over and over.

To the extent that we are inspired by these themes and have a unique artistic way of re-expressing them, great! The problem is that most (but certainly not all) remakes are the lazy way out of making a movie. Rather than being born out of artistic inspiration they're trading in on nostalgia to generate box office revenue.

I'm not sure there's much value in that.

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