Is Christmas Hard For Christians?

Jerod Clark

December 21, 2010

Christmas for Christians means extra people in church & if we have a good preacher on that day what a great opportunity to share the Gospel of Salvation? When we see food being given to the poor in our towns & cities, who is doing it? most probably Christians! Have a very Happy Christmas-- we will celebrate first here in New Zealand, & God's richest blessings for 2011.

December 22, 2010

I think we should just let the pagans and secular folks have their holiday and we will have ours -- simple. pure. holy

Rick Garner
December 23, 2010

Perhaps I'm a bit tainted by material from the NYT. When I see something like that being portrayed as "this is how the U.S. or world thinks or sees something," I have to realize the source. NYT doesn't speak for the country or the world. They speak for - at best - New York.<br><br>Christmas isn't hard for Christians but it is distracting. Thinking back over the past several weeks: office &amp; friend parties, school play, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and then adding on the church performance and other ministries...a lot is crammed into December.<br><br>Fact is, we lose sight of the more important things because of it. We almost seem to think that celebrating Christ's birth is most important. When in fact, I would challenge that Jesus could care less about our programs, shows, pageants, and services. He expects us to be spending time with and loving our family &amp; friends...be mindful of those who have lost loved ones &amp; are hurting...those who are lonely...those who don't have a job or are homeless.<br><br>Celebrating the birth of our Lord &amp; Savior is by loving our neighbor. Something we need to do more of every day.

December 26, 2010

HELLO to all i think that christmas is every day when we can wake up and enbrace each other however other may just acknowledge christ for one day and other may receive him on christmas day and keep chirst in their life. glory to god it not hard for me cause i do not get caught up in the material things and all the shoping and spending foolishly not in less it is to help someone that really does not have .. have a bless new year to all amen.

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