Is torture a sin or not?


December 8, 2011

well i came here to find out whether or torture is a sin in gods eyes according to the bible. well i have a bible with me and i began to look it up and according to the "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" it is ok to beat and torture someone if their actions deserve it. this is the bible i have and i heard from someone that there is a new testament stating torture is not seen as a sin in the bible. i was hoping someone could clarify this for me.

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
December 9, 2011

Hello guest, As you can see, this is an old (2006) post written by a contributor who no longer writes for Think Christian. However, some of the links in the last paragraph still work and may answer some of your questions. And we may be revisiting the topic, as well, so keep an eye on our new posts.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Josh Larsen<br>TC editor

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