Jerry Sandusky and the reach of God's grace

Vincent Bacote

June 23, 2012

Thank you, Vincent, for this piece. Thank you for having the courage to look squarely through a biblical lens at an awful situation.

I think the proper Christian response to any news story like this is sadness. Not anger--even "righteous" anger. Just sadness. Because as redeemed believers, we have the inside story: we are all like Sandusky in God's eyes, even if we have not all rebelled in the same way. Seeing a fellow image-bearer convicted of such atrocities should be a sobering reminder that our human heritage is sin, an inclination to evil in our hearts, not the "basic goodness" that secular humanists are convinced we all have.

Grace will always be a scandalous thing. The real stumbling block of the Gospel is that a convicted Sandusky has just as much claim to eternal salvation in Christ as any one of us. There may be degrees of immediate consequences for various crimes in this world, but in God's eyes, we are all in the same position: separated from Him, in desperate need of a Savior.

My prayer is that Sandusky's legal conviction will remove obstacles to his own personal repentance and desire for Christ, if he does not already know his Savior. And I pray for healing in his victims' families, who are the unfortunate casualties of a sin-filled world.

Sharon Young
June 27, 2012

God know i like the way you put that i could have not said it better have a bless life in the lord i always say that we all have mess up one time or another it has always been a struggle with me judging people cause in the eye sight of god sin is sin there is no such thing with god as a little sin or a big one... It's all the same rather if we all sin at the same time or not.. But i will say this i thank god for the cross cause god knows i need his hand every second and every minute of the day... I do wonder sometime if god was to write across the ski and put our sin's out there would we look at one another differently i can not agree with you more we have all had our sandusky moments maybe not in that way but we have... I thank god for dieing for me for the sin and mistakes that i have made but i've learn from them some people never learn it was a joy reading your story as it was up lifting and inspiring to me it lift my soul so we all have to thank god for people like u in Jesus name Amen.

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