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John Piper vs. Emergent Church

Todd Hertz

Last week, John Piper shared candid and intense views on the emerging church. In a nutshell: Piper said the emergent movement "is going away from the gospel, away from the Bible. That's what happens when you begin to prioritize relationships over truth... You will not even hear the term emergent church in ten years. It will be over and gone."

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There's plenty to discuss here. What are your impressions of the video? With what do you agree/disagree?

Do you think it's fair to say the emergent movement has a "low view" of truth and doctrine?

Where is the middle ground of prioritizing truth and doctrine while still valuing relationship?

Regardless of your view of the emerging church's validity or theology, do you really think it's a "fading reality?"

(Editor's Note: We originally wrote this post last week before Piper announced his leave of absence from his church.  You can read more about his decision here.  We went ahead and ran this post because the issues he's discussing are interesting and are unrelated to his recent decision.)

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