Live from Cornerstone

John J. Thompson

Joel Jupp
July 6, 2012

Well stated. I've been to 15 or 16 fests, and I appreciate the way you've summarized it. Sometimes you need an external voice to help process, and I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

I thought Iona stated it well that "our King is here," and wherever we go, we progress with Him as King. I'm a pretty nostalgic guy, but the only thing that frees me from my nostalgia is the recgnition that the Lord can (and will) lead us forward.

Matthew Knight
July 9, 2012

Thanks for sharing, John. It seems like you or your wife popped up at every show we saw--of course as MC and with your own band but then again with the Farewell Drifters & the Violet Burning, etc. It was an incredible festival, and while I was mourning the diminished size a little bit (I last attended in 2005), I'm so, so glad that I went. My musical new discoveries were the Hollands, Seth Martin, Josh Garrels, and the Violet Burning (obviously I can't claim to be terribly "with it" despite going four times previously), all of whom seemed to portray a bit of that "beyond normal" spirit you're talking about.

Cornerstone has inspired me to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. I can't imagine going back to what I used to think of as Christianity--the kingdom is so much bigger and better than that. Cornerstone to me was like a prefiguring of heaven: all these odd-looking people creating this beautiful cacophony somehow informed by the same spirit. Makes me think of this Flannery O'Connor story about an old woman who has a vision of heaven that is far wilder and crazier than she had imagined. Not a tame lion/festival/God.

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