Our year in review

Josh Larsen

December 28, 2011

I'm surprised the Yoga controversy didn't make the top 5. That was more heated than I expected (JMHO) and seemed split with all the women pro and only a few men on the con side. It provided some fun conversation too. <br><br>Actually a lot of the posts from here have ended up at our dinner table in one form or another. <br><br>I've enjoyed being part of some of the discussions and encountered some interesting view points. <br><br>I'd like to say especially, Kudos to Andre Salles this year for bearing his soul in his article on doubt "We Are All Where We Belong". That took courage.<br><br>I know on the religion scale most people are either left or right and I'm probably more like North of 60 but I enjoy TC. :) Thanks<br><br>Here's hoping 2012 is a another great year for exploring ideas and conversing in community.<br><br><br>

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