People Just Keep Getting in the Way

Chris Salzman

Amy B
June 16, 2008

Is that healthy? Absolutely not. How can you shepherd people you don't even talk to? I admit I have a personal prejudice against megachurches, and this is part of the reason. But even in a megachurch, where I understand it is unrealistic to expect the head pastor to have time for everyone, if the pastor cannot at least make time for a kind word, a handshake, and a note in return, then something is seriously wrong. It's not just unhealthy, it is inconsiderate, unloving, and I would even say unChristian.

June 16, 2008

I like attending a church where the pastor(s) know my name and the name of children and my the who dad is - who attends a different church, etc. I left a church where the pastor never got anyone's name right - including people he did funerals for. I know I would never be able to be involved in a church that is so large (or a video event) that I didn't know the pastor on a first name basis. It is important to me.

June 16, 2008

If you were in a Pastor's position what would you do in a situation like that?

June 17, 2008

Thank you for this post! It’s very fitting to me right now. I’m studying (yes, not just reading) The Master Plan to Evangelism by Robert Coleman. It takes a close look at Jesus’ example of evangelism; and, how he spent his time while he was here on earth. I find it interesting how Jesus was able to satisfy the masses, but still poured his life into a smaller group of 12, and even had 3 favorites among that group. Also interesting is how his ministry (and example for all of us) focused on nurturing a few strong Christian leaders and not reaching 4000 members each Sunday morning.<br><br>It makes me wonder that if someone gets the “shove” from a pastor it is because the Lord has given him all he can carry. Tending to the masses is important, but even Jesus chose to pour his life into only a few teachable, available, faithful men.<br><br>Thanks again for this one!<br>

June 17, 2008

I think that the story is a parable about both men. I know that the pastor is portrayed as the bad guy but maybe there is a reason??? (not that it makes it okay), I mean how strange would it be to get a note from another man during service that praises you?? <br>Rick was trying to talk to a superstar, so just like most stars he was snubbed which says alot about our Christian culture...<br>But I think more importantly, Rick should seek the contentment and relationship that only God can bring, and trusted in Him instead of the man that serves as pastor....<br>really there is a lot to learn from both men's story

June 17, 2008

This speaks to several issues, the "meagachurch" model among them. In addition, however, is the biblical model of discipleship, which is based in multiplication, not addition. Having a great pastor is a blessing, but if their are no other elders/shepherds/whatever-you-want-to-call-them to help in the discipleship process, the gulf will only grow.<br><br>I appreciate great pastors, and enjoy serving with one now. But if I can only get encouragement or guidance from this one man, how shallow is my church?

June 17, 2008

Wonderful observation. Something that happens everyday in churches. My sister who was used by the Lord to draw me to Christ asked me (many years ago now) as I was telling her about something that happened at church, how I ended up being close to the pastors no matter what church I was in? I had never given it a thought that you were not supposed to be able to talk to your pastor or be close to a pastoral ministry. I saw them as my brothers in Christ with a calling on their lives that placed them in those positions. <br><br>After she asked me that, I began to look around and notice it was unusual. Many years later after having been in a few mega churches, I find it very sad that access to a pastor is harder than getting access to Jesus himself.

June 17, 2008

Regardless of weather we're pastors or church members, we need to take the time to listen to each other (as Jesus did with everyone he encountered). Let's ask the Lord to keep us all open to all his children.

June 18, 2008

That is a very sad story. It doesn't say whether the Pastor knew if the fellow next to him wrote the letter. However, I'm sure that these 'superstar' pastors are indeed busy people and everybody wants to talk with them (mostly TO them though), they get pulled in all directions, and they simply can't get to everyone. How on earth did Jesus deal with it when at times he had massive crowds of people following him around? I know it would have broken his heart to see so many needy people. <br>This Pastor might indeed be a pompous self-important Prat and this is not healthy at all. It's that sort of person that can turn people sour on God, unfairly so of course especially if they are not getting good shepherding. I don't have much time for large churches because too many people fall through the holes.<br>I do pray your friend doesn't lose hope. I don't believe that approaching someone of that 'status' should be laughable nor even intimidating. After all they're just doing a job and they are only people the same as we are and certainly no more important. They have the same worries and insecurities and more responsibilities in some cases.<br>Perhaps it's only me, but just walking up to anyone and saying hello even your American president is no big deal after all I talk to God and He talks to me and there's no one more important than Him.

John Finkelde
June 19, 2008

As a pastor I find this is a tough story. <br><br>I think noexcuse has an interesting angle on it. It probably reflects on both men &amp; their perceptions<br><br>Sure the pastor could've said Hi &amp; let him know that a long chat was pretty nigh impossible but that he appreciated the guy's gratitude etc.<br><br>Then again who knows what the pastor was going thru personally. <br><br>I pastor a reasonably large church in Australia &amp; last year went thru a very difficult health issue (which remained private until I was thru it). During the year I was not functioning at my best &amp; I'm sure I inadvertently put people off side but at times I just couldn't cope with it all.<br><br>So I personally wouldn't be too quick to judge the pastor - would you want his place &amp; call?

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