Prayer for Obama

Jerod Clark

January 20, 2009

I would pray that he values the tiniest lives above all. Unfortunately I just read that one of his first orders (perhaps as early as tomorrow) will be to provide funding for abortions with money the US sends to foreign countries.<br><br>What a start. I am sure that ultimately the third world will be grateful that we have allowed them to kill their children.

January 21, 2009

YES WE CAN<br>"With God, All things are possible." -The Book of Matthew

Sharon Hocker
January 22, 2009

My daily prayer for President Obama is that God will guide his mind, in the direction that he would want him to go, not what the world would like but what God has in store for us. Watch over him as travels to and from the White house, may God keep him safe from harm. Keep his family safe, bind him and his family with the precious Holy Ghost. This is my daily prayer for him and his family. I do believe that he was sent by God to point us in the right direction. I know everyone will not agree with everything he will be doing, but if he pray on it and ask God to lead him in the right direction he will.

January 23, 2009

I pray that God truly touches his heart with the love of Christ. And that he comes to understand that the biblical mandates are of Faith in God, not government; of the Love of God that transforms us from the inside and reaches outward, not the rule of government that forces us to act a certain way; of giving that comes from the individual's willingness to reach out, not the governments coercive acts that take from one to give to another.

Sharon Jackson
January 24, 2009


January 27, 2009

My prayer is that all the rhetoric he hurled in the direction of the Church will not be wasted, but optimized. He wanted our vote, and it seems he got it. Now, what he will do with it is the responsibility of a lifetime. Let God be your guide, and the whole world will applaud you.

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