Resurrection is the first thing Christians believe

Steven Koster

January 12, 2009

Very interesting, very cool to think about.

January 12, 2009

It is also encouraging that the first believers & apostles were willing to die (and did) for claiming Christ's resurrection. Who would make up a story like that and be willing to die to share it with others? An not to die with vengeance or hatred, but with joy (Acts 7:59)!

January 12, 2009

It's all the more interesting because I think of Paul as such a sophisticated theologian with such an advanced understanding of who Jesus is. And yet he didn't base it on 4 gospels of history, the book of Revelation, or accumulated christian thought... just a brilliant grasp of the Old Testament and a personal revelation. Gives further weight to his account that Jesus appeared to him personally for a period of time and revealed these mysteries to him. Also makes you think that the very earliest Christians were not as primitive as some liberal theologians would have you believe. I love the Pauline epistles. Paul is cool. (not McCartney, but Tarsus).

February 9, 2009

i read somewhere, can't remember if it was from john eldredge, that one of the earliest christian art and symbols is not the cross but the empty tomb. amazing!

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