Sapping the Volunteers

Chris Salzman

August 7, 2008

Great post Chris. Way to dig through the quote. <br>Um. I've been thinking this.<br><br>In the realm of churches, it seems that they value internal service instead of external service.<br><br> A great way to "move up" in your church is to be a greeter, make food for some meeting, and help in a couple of key places. However, lets say you attend church, make some friends, and spend all of your Saturdays helping out at the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. <br><br>Then you don't "move up." You get some points for being a great person, but you're not really "giving yourself to the vision" of the church.<br><br>Maybe this is just my experience. Maybe not...

August 8, 2008

"In the realm of churches, it seems that they value internal service instead of external service."<br><br>Totally.<br><br>Although, I don't wholeheartedly blame churches for doing so. They need to make sure their volunteers are up to snuff before giving them real responsibility.<br><br>Good point about points. I guess our participation comes down to whose score you're going to play by: Jesus' or a church's.<br><br>

Christiane Li
August 8, 2008

Bingo, Chris - people forget they are serving Christ, don't they? We want points for our service from each other, or failing that, from those we serve.<br><br>At the church I worship at, we've had grumbling because our pastors let the body minister, put a lot of ministry back to the people. The murmuring: "After all, the ministers are paid to do ministry!"

August 8, 2008

Wow, I think you read my mind. We have this same problem in my church. I spend Saturdays feeding the homeless with a couple of other church members, and I also Volunteer with our Youth Ministry every Wednesday, and I lead a weekly Bible Study Group and I have actually had the volunteer coordinator at our church tell me I should be a greeter on Sunday Mornings because I am not involved enough. I was shocked. I realized I am not being recognized because the things that I do are not "out there" and visible for everyone to see. But I enjoy the things that I do so I am not changing a thing. I will continue to be the "low man on the totem pole". We do this for Christ, not the church right.

August 10, 2008

I'm new to this site. I've never posted &amp; never visited before, but I'll be making it a more frequent occurrence now. <br><br>I completely agree with your article &amp; think it was very well-stated. Most of the churches we've been involved in recently have been those focused on the house-church or village model. I have come away from so many experiences feeling like the house-church was where my actual church happened &amp; the building I had to visit on Sunday was more of a time commitment. <br><br>I think there is a fine balance. I have not fully settled the debate in my own head/heart about where the line should be drawn. I do feel like it is my responsibility as a Christian to carry Christ with me throughout my day into the places I go. I do not feel that I have to bring those same people with me to church, but I do owe them my time and my relationship. <br><br>Thanks for your article. This will give me some new material to think about.

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