Scandal, #WhyIStayed and standing against abuse

Kory Plockmeyer

Kory Plockmeyer
October 16, 2014

ABC's Scandal could play a helpful role in the national conversation about abusive relationships.

October 16, 2014

Just a note to say thanks to Josh, TC editor, for finding a photo so apt for what I'm trying to say.

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
October 16, 2014

Yeah, we lucked out that ABC provided that as a promotional still. Which probably also speaks to the fact that they (and the show's creators) are well aware of the implications of the narrative that you draw out here, Kory.

October 9, 2015

See, I don't feel that the shows' writers are at all aware of the abuse implications. I thought there was a chance in Seasons 1 and 2--heck, in Season 1, Fitz was the outright villain--but since then they've only continued to glorify the toxic relationship. They presented Jake as a healthy alternative to Fitz, and he was arguably even more abusive. They put Huck and Quinn together after he tortured her. And no character on the show ever uses the "a" word--"abuse"--to describe these relationships. Many fans argue passionately that they aren't abusive at all. This article is right that this show creates the opportunity to address this problem--but it's also profoundly wasted that opportunity, and arguably done harm by perpetuating the idea that this kind of physical and emotional abuse is romantic, hot and desirable.

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