Seeking the Kingdom at the 2018 Oscars

Abby Olcese

Abby Olcese
March 6, 2018

This year’s Academy Awards acknowledged present brokenness, even as it offered hope for a better world to come.

Katy Nolan
March 6, 2018

This years oscars were so filled with disgusting hypocrisy by presenters and movies filled with sexual exploitation of teens and mocking of Christianity I don’t know how you can find any hope in them
We cannot strive so hard to excuse the culture when it is filled with sin

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
March 9, 2018

Hi Katy, I don't read this piece as "excusing" the culture as much as I do finding the good within it, which echoes the gospel in some way. True, because we are all sinners, this good will sometimes be found alongside the "bad." But I don't think that's overwhelmingly the case in the films that Abby discusses.

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