Serial, Making a Murderer and the true-crime trend

Stephen Woodworth

Stephen Woodworth
January 20, 2016

True-crime art like Serial and Making a Murderer brings to the surface the hidden parts of the human experience.

Bill Wald
January 21, 2016

More likely, true crime stories reinforce our sin nature one way or another, either as roll models or as people to whom we can feel superior.

David VanderWeele
January 23, 2016

I'm afraid the only one of these I've seen/read/heard is Serial. I agree with your point about the paradox of man. I also think that for Serial, at least, part of the fascination is with not just the criminal and the crime, but the justice system. Does the justice system function the way its supposed to? Did it reach the conclusion it should have? How can it be improved?

January 26, 2016

In Reply to David VanderWeele (comment #27808)

I think you're right, David. I'm not a follower of any of these things, but I have friends who are hooked, and they usually tell me what fascinates them more than the crime is the obvious corruption of the justice system. I wonder if the fear these audiences feel derives less from their glimpse at crime and more from the deconstruction of our idol-like need for human justice to mirror divine wisdom.

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