Sesame Street and the sins of the father

Johnathan Kana

Marta L.
June 27, 2013

Reading this, I was reminded of my own thoughts on the illegal immigration debate, and one of the things that made me more open to amnesty was the realization that deportation and the broken immigration system split up families and made life so hard for the people who didn't choose to be in that situation, mainly the children who came over while young with their families. Whatever you think of that issue, I think the same motivation - that a policy is less than just when it punishes the wrong people - is at work in this issue as well. And it is so important to keep our eye on that and work to address these issues where we can.

This doesn't mean criminals shouldn't go to jail, but it <i>does</i> mean that the church and society as a whole should be aware of the "collateral damage" like with these kids. Good on Sesame Street for doing their part. It's good to see this TC post shining a light on these issues.

Ana Reis
July 2, 2013

Thanking everyone for putting this very important issue up front. Kids first. It is very important to break this bad cycle and education everyone. kids...family...friends...communities...governments...the world.

The effects of any sin, whether small or big has a short and long term effect and collateral damage in inevitable.

We need to hear their cries, share in their pain. We as Christians can not sit idle. We have to be the VOICE of these silent cries shouting from the roof tops. It is the HUMAN thing to do.

May God Bless and protect these families. May God give us the courage and strength to serve and help others. Amen.

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