Should we use a confession app?

Andy Rau

Bones Larsen
February 24, 2011

To your very last question Andy, I've noticed that attendance at a suburban Chicago Taize service is often standing room only on a Friday night. When I ask worshippers about this steady attraction I find their responses often have to do with the calm, the silence, the low-tech or no-tech nature of this worship, and the communal sense that we belong together--from a variety of backgrounds and traditions--to each other and God. Coming from the busyness of a work week immersed in technology that sometimes isolates us from each other and God, this is an oasis and taste of heaven. So, yes, there's no app for that.

Andy R
February 25, 2011

I know exactly what you mean, Bones! I agree, I don't think any app or technological tool will ever replace the sense of peace and fellowship that comes from standing alongside fellow believers in corporate worship. Glad to hear that the Taize service you attend provides such an oasis from the stresses of the workweek.

February 25, 2011

A great Bible related app is "Bible Lock Screens" for iPhone &amp; iPad. It has high quality (retina) images with Scripture on them and it totally free! There are new lock screens each week as well. It helps keep Scripture on your mind throughout the day. Check it out:<br><br>Watch the 1-min video: <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0SqwHv5VSA" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...</a><br><br>Download from iTunes: <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bible-lock-screens-bible-wallpapers/id414174774?mt=8" rel="nofollow">http://itunes.apple.com/us/app...</a>

Steve Steiner
March 5, 2011

Noticing a lack of love for tech (I don't mean love in the literal sense...). As someone who as worked with tech in Ministry for 11 years, I agree with the allure of a lack of tech in worship, and that is something definitely worth encouraging, but I think there are really two things worth remembering. First of all, while it is undoubtedly healthy for everyone to go without tech sometimes, low tech worship isn't something that everyone is going to be drawn to. Some people like the basic tech at least, a screen with lyrics, or more depending on your church. Second, and this intersects more closely with what I do, tech has enabled mission organizations to do things that we would have never dreamed of. It is easier for missionaries to keep track of, and stay in contact with supporters thanks to programs like TntMPD, people in ministry can collaborate easier and much more efficiently thanks to the cloud. We are able to be much more daring in where we send people overseas because of the ways that we can use things like VPN's with a growing number of devices to securely stay in contact while balancing safety. Translation of the Bible is greatly accelerated thanks to programs that can take what has been translated so far, and as progress continues make guesses regarding how the same words should be handled in other parts of the Bible. Some say we are within ten years of seeing the Great Commission fulfilled (for clarification by this I mean every people group reached in some way with the message of Christ) and without technology, we would not have made the strides we have made so far. I really thing that there needs to be a balance, and I think that this article asks many of the right questions regarding that balance.

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