Skipping Church on Sunday

Amy B
March 30, 2009

I do think it is important to worship on what is traditionally known as the Lord's Day - Sunday. However, drawing on our Jewish roots, the Sabbath begins on the evening prior to Sunday - so from that perspective, worshiping Saturday evening IS worshiping on the Lord's Day. I would say that this practice is perfectly fine, so long as it does not take away from your full involvement in the church community, and so long as it is not because you are approaching worship from a lazy, duty-driven, "just getting it out of the way so I can maximize my weekend" attitude.

Michael W
March 30, 2009

My wife and I have been doing the Saturday night thing for awhile now. Our church started Saturday night services out of necessity based on growth and space limitations. It does not matter to me whether we are there on Saturday night or Sunday morning, as long as we worship the Lord in spirit and truth.<br><br>This last weekend, we just attended the last Saturday night service in our old building, and will be going to only Sunday services in a few weeks in our new building. I will miss the Saturday night option, although, as someone who serves regularly in the church, it is tougher to get volunteers for positions that require the volunteer to be at church for all of the services, since it requires most of your weekend.

March 30, 2009

This is actually something I've been thinking alot about recently. If a non believer is going to attend a church service it will probably be a Sunday morning one. Therefore if a church is reaching it's critical mass (80% full on a Sunday morning) having a second Saturday night service for regular attenders to go to would be a great option. Since I'm not a morning person in any way shape or form, I would usually rather go to church in the evening. However, it really hasn't caught on as an option in my city, yet. And to specifically answer your question, I don't think it matters when we worship corporately, just that we do it!

March 30, 2009

An everyday affair in that we should be doing something everyday to connect with what the Lord wants us to do. I have not done the Saturday night thing, but think that it would be fun as change sometimes brings us closer to the one we want to be close to in the first place. When you said skipping out on Sunday service I thought about not going at all to our church, but if like most of us, we go where ever we are. I go to church wheather I'm home or away and in all cases I feel welcome where ever I go. I will however try this Saturday night service when it comes up. Thank you in God's Grace John

Victor Goh
March 30, 2009

Saturday or Sunday is fine with me. I used to attend the Saturday evening service in my church. There was a smaller crowd of about 350 people compared to 1400 on Sunday mornings. This made it easier to find parking and was less stressful. :-) <br><br>Now, I'm back to Sunday morning service now after attending a Bible Class that was only offered on Sunday mornings, before the service starts. After the class ended, I just continued going for the Sunday morning service instead of going back to the Saturday evening service. <br>

March 31, 2009

My local RC church has an increasing Saturday night congregation for Mass; many of whom would previously have attended Sun morning: whether that is an attempt to take advantage of what is increasingly a secular/shopping day, I don't know. My own church (Anglican) is limited to 2 Sun morning services - about 20 at the 8 am and 100 at the 1045 am, so no chance of flowing into other days at present. A Free Methodist in the local town (Solihull) draws 600+ to a Ministry of Power service on Tuesdays....so there is scope for diversity in days and style should you feel inclined.

March 31, 2009

I have seen the Saturday service work in some churches, but it is not for every congregation. Currently, I am dialoguing with the leadership of a church about the possibility of having a more contemporary service on Saturday nights as they are questioning their current model of having a youth service running concurrently with their more traditional one. The biggest thing I think they need to ask is if this is what the Lord really wants for them. Going a new direction is fine when God is the leader. Unfortunately, we often make decisions based on what seems logical rather than taking the time to truly seek His will.

Paul Wilkinson
March 31, 2009

In a world of rotating plant shifts, the hospitality industry, the medical community and longer retail hours, there are people out there who can't get to ANY weekend service.<br><br>I'd like to see some of those buildings in use more during the weekdays. Weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings.<br><br>The problem some churches have had with this is that the same people show up for everything; feeling they have to attend every function every time the doors are open. But for others, this would meet a definite need. Ditto those whose circumstances compel them to be at "Church A," when they really like connecting with events at "Church B."

March 31, 2009

"Does it matter what day of the week you go to church as long as you’re setting aside time to corporately worship God?"<br> i believe the choice, in humble obedience to the Holy Spirit's leading, that we can worship corporately any day of the week is a great expression of our freedom in Christ. we should also consider the changing lifestyles and work hours that many people are in that prevents them from attending traditionally scheduled services on Sundays. specifically here in the Philippines, where the call centers and business processing outsourcing companies have 24/7 shifts. <br><br>Jesus attacked the pharisaic way of legalism that pervaded the Sabbath and i think this type of attitude is what should be most wary about. <br><br>thanks<br>

April 1, 2009

I hope you are not surprised that the Holy Spirit could meet with a congregation of 300 with as much power as a congregation of 2000... otherwise most churches are in trouble as 300 is a decent mid-sized church in many places!

April 1, 2009

I have been to Saturday night services but I feel 'uncomfortable' on Sunday morning if I don't wake up to go to Sunday services. I can't explain why. There wasn't anything wrong with the Saturday night services. Many of my friends do attend Saturday night services regularly but I just can't get used to it ... seem that I'm not the only ones.

April 2, 2009

We have attended Saturday service for a long time at our church. I work all week including Saturday and usually take Sunday off (Completely off.. food is ready Saturday for Sunday, etc). So Saturday night begins my time of worshiping the Lord in a church setting and then it is "Sabbath" until work on Monday. It is completely refreshing and we know that everything about it is God. I honestly don't think it matters which service you go to, and I don't think God is as concerned with what day we go to church as He is the condition of our hearts. :)

April 8, 2009

I'm not one to judge, but I do think attending church on Sunday mornings is better than Saturday nights. And here's why: Our Lord rose from the dead on Sunday morning, and for 2,000 years since then, Christians have been gathering on Sunday mornings to remember his resurrection. The way we understand time in the western world is completely dependent on this weekly remembrance of his resurrection. It helps us remember that our worshiping community is not the 100 or 1000 people with us at our own congregation, but the gathered Christian community in all places, and in all times. And it creates a discipline -- we don't do other things on Sunday morning, because Sunday mornings are reserved for worship.

April 8, 2009

OK, I read all of the comments first, and thought for a while exactly how to answer you. So here goes. Take a deep breath, and remember that there is freedom in Christ. Freedom to worship as a body at any time, any day. The key to the freedom is two fold - in a group, and with our hearts prepared for meeting God and seeking to obey his word.<br><br>As to the "buzz" - there is nothing that can simulate God's spirit at work in the hearts and minds of his children. I love that sense of Buzz, and especially that instant connectivity with other people through God's spirit. Stay in a place where the body is alive and vibrant like that!

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