Slavery is alive and well

Andy Rau

May 6, 2008

Sex slavery does very much exist! You should check out the ministries of Shelley Lubben, Heather Veitsch and Annie Lobert. They are doing great things for God to help fight back against the sex industry. <br><br>p.s. NPR rocks!

May 7, 2008

Even on television they talk about children, especially young girls being sold into servanthood. Just a nice way to say that in India, Tibet and other countries in that area humans are still selling humans to other humans. I like to think that God watches over those who seek his name, even the ones who don't really know him. What we have to do is PRAY as hard as you can and ask God to help those who have been sold into bondage (slavery). In God's Grace John

May 7, 2008

How should we act in light of this?<br><br>

May 8, 2008

We should stop buying slaves. Oh, most of us already don't.<br><br>We should personally go find that broker and do whatever is necessary to put him out of business.<br><br>We should insist that candidates for federal office commit to employing the resources of our government to suppress the slave trade.<br><br>(We should also keep in mind that there is a significant moral difference between slavery being legally accepted, and endorsed from thousands of pulpits as Biblically acceptable, on the one hand, and existing as an illegal traffic in areas of extreme poverty or where there is little if any law operating. Both evil, but not the same.)

Christiane Li
May 8, 2008

This challenge is for all readers: name me one pulpit in the United States, that is not a kooky cult, where slavery is being endorsed today. If I remember my U.S. history correctly, the pulpits of America once blazed with indignation over the issue of slavery, and hundreds of thousands of men gave their lives to put an end to the practice of it in the United States. Did many fight against it? You bet they did - but they lost. <br><br>Every day that a woman in the U.S. is free and legally protected by our Constitution, this kind of slavery is denied worldwide. That is one of the reasons our nation is called the "Great Satan" - we let women act as independent creatures who are as valuable as men, and there are cultures that despise us for doing this. Especially in the Islamic ruled and highly tribalized nations of this earth, women are divorced or mutilated or raped at whim of their men and become sexual "lepers." These sexually "unacceptable" women are then forced into prostitution - their only option - by these societies that deem them less worthy than men. Remember these countries (the men, women and children of them) in your prayers, for Christ came to set the captives free.<br><br>If any man or woman out there views pornography - you are endorsing &amp; taking part in the slave trafficking of women, men, and children; and you are destroying thousands, perhaps millions, of lives - including your own. <br><br>So, one thing all people, but especially Americans, can do to help end human slavery is to stop viewing pornography, whether online or on paper or in movies (a man I was close enough to discuss the issue with once told me that looking at Playboy magazine was okay, because "the women really love being sexual objects, I can tell by their pictures"). Do not use prostitutes (another man told me that, during his stint in the military, he was doing Filipino prostitutes a favor by using them, since he was "helping them out financially"...<br><br>Quit justifying the unjustifiable and battle for the oppressed in your own lives.

May 8, 2008

Credit cards are another form of slavery. This form of slavery is where the card holder actually thinks they are better off with more credit cards.The borrower is the slave to the lender. I have gotten out of this"dog chasing it`s tail" situation. When I have to pay cash for gifts, shop more wisely. Using cash stops you from guilt spending or impulse buying. Since my family knows I buy gifts with cash they appreciate my gifts more because they know I gave with purpose, not just to impress. I`m a free man of cash!

Cassandra Clifford
June 18, 2008

Andy,<br><br>Thank you for your post, and thank you for including my list of anti-trafficking organizations, I hope the readers find the list very helpful. Please also see my various posts on modern slavery and anti-trafficking as well as my other resources on the subject, such as books and films all of which can be found on the FPA Children's blog at <a href="http://children.foreignpolicyblogs.com" rel="nofollow">http://children.foreignpolicyb...</a> On the site you can even find a review of Ben Skinner and Kevin Bales books.<br><br>If anyone is interested to learn more please also see <a href="http://www.stopmodernslavery.org" rel="nofollow">www.stopmodernslavery.org</a> which is a DC based community group dedicated to the abolishment of slavery. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance on this issue.<br><br>Best <br>Cassandra

June 18, 2008

Thanks for the info, Cassandra! Your list is a great resource and starting point for people who want to learn more or get involved in fighting modern slavery.

July 13, 2008

Limiting my response to your opening challenge -- since you are quite correct about everything else -- I don't know of any pulpit TODAY which advocates slavery, although many Southern Baptist Convention pulpits advocate that women should submit to their husbands, rather in the manner you observe many tribal cultures do. More important though, you have told only half the truth about what blazed from pulpits 150-200 years ago. There were also pulpits that blazed with Biblical defense of slavery, preachments to slaves to "be obedient to your masters," etc. There were lynch mobs in the post-Civil War era led by ordained ministers. We really cannot say that "The Church" in America was either solidly for or against slavery. Churches, and clergy, took both sides in the debate. As Abraham Lincoln observed in his Second Inaugural Address, both sides prayed to the same God, both could not be right, perhaps neither was right, but the purposes of the Almighty (as distinct from the purposes men wish to attribute to the Almighty) are true and righteous.

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