Telling Children Bible Stories

Chris Salzman

Lesley Martin
July 20, 2008

Someone has been watching too much Disney if he thinks that fairy tales are "nice adventures with sweet endings"! If you go back to the source materials, fairy or folk tales are dark and disturbing, and were not meant particularly for children - much like some of the stories from the Bible. But I do agree that children (and adults) need a firm grounding in the Bible stories. Today a young man was baptised in our church and in his testimony he credited his parents telling him Bible stories as a crucial foundation for his journey to faith.

July 22, 2008

Leslie,<br><br>This is a story for kids that have grown up in our modern milieu not in antiquity. Clearly I am engaging the Disney idea that fairy tales are "nice adventures with sweet endings" not trying to proliferate that idea. To say that you missed the point would be an understatement.<br>-------------------------------------------------<br>"What do you think of Scott’s retellings?"<br><br>I think he's brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

July 22, 2008

"For the parents that read this blog: how do you relate the stories of the bible, or the bible in general, to your children?"<br><br>We tell our kids the bible stories all the time. My son loves the ones like David and Goliath (he's 5 years old). It's tough because he often internalizes the stories and asks if God loved Goliath? And, if God was "with David", then why wasn't he "with Goliath" too? <br><br>The other day, we were at a park and he brought me a few smooth stones and asked if I would save them for when I needed to use them... Funny thing was he didn't say "if" i needed them, but "when".

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