Twin Peaks’ Spiritual Warfare

Joe George

Joe George
May 30, 2017

On Twin Peaks, even the most covert wrongs on the spiritual level can lead to serious harm.

September 12, 2017

Now that we've seen it play out,

the way I see it the 1945 nuclear bomb symbolizes Satan's First Rebellion in the First World Age that caused this Second World Age to come into being where there are two sides of the gulf (See Luke 16) and when Agent Cooper takes Laura Palmer to Twin Peaks in Episode 18 and destroys "the doppelganger world" that symbolized the destruction of this Second World Age which is followed by The Third World Age which is perfect, just like the First World Age was before Satan rebelled. This is why The Fireman sent Laura Palmer to Earth as soon as he saw the nuclear bomb go off that created "the doppelganger world". A symbolic parable of The Three World Ages.

The Three World Ages are outlined in 2 Peter 3: Here's a short explanation:

September 28, 2017

You hit the nail on the head. The is some essence of Christian spirituality nestled into Lynch that in some ways is very clear and relevevatory and in others is perverted. I appreciate you putting this feeling I've had into something more concrete

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