Tyler Perry, Stephen Colbert and giggling prayer

Caryn Rivadeneira

October 25, 2012

Caryn, I've found that some of my best prayers have been those where I'm practically giddy. God made me a person who likes to laugh, so why not share that with him in prayer?


October 25, 2012

I love Tyler Perry. He seems to be one of the truly God led actors/directors in the business. When going on a show like Colbert or Stewart, it seems they are usually set up to make fun of their faith. I have never seen that happen to Perry. Keep up the great work, Tyler.
It's nice to see prayer on national TV.

Mark Knox
October 27, 2012

Actually, Colbert and Stewart do not traditionally make fun of other people's faith. Colbert is an unabashed practicing Catholic and Jon Stewart, while frequently going after those who pimp their faith for votes or who profess faith and then talk trash like everyone else, is respectful to his guests, even the ones with whom he disagrees. It's part of the shows' popularity- they can do satire without being jerks.
The talking heads on Fox and MSNBC could both learn something from that.

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