Untangling the relationship between faith and family

Andy Rau

December 19, 2008

Of course, if your children adopt the secular outlook and don't reproduce your faith-values in their lives, you've just added to the number of ATHEISTS out there.

December 20, 2008

I was brought up in a home that did not attend church but had moral values. As a child I was sent to Sunday School. In my teens, my parents became Christians and joined a Baptist church. As an adult I spent many years away from the church; however, I never lost the ingrained teaching that I received in SS and in my teen years with my parents. This background eventually led me to an acceptance of Christ as my Savior, and the joy I now have as a Christian.

Russell Simpson
December 21, 2008

Something that's not discussed in this article are the personal reasons that people give for having (or not having) children. Many of my secular friends couldn't bear to bring children into this world "in the state that it's in". Personally, I can't wait to teach my children about the hope that Christ brings to this world "in the state that it's in".<br><br>That's the difference of a faith outlook on life.

December 21, 2008

Absurd. See: Hauerwas <a href="http://vox-nova.com/category/stanley-hauerwas/" rel="nofollow">http://vox-nova.com/category/s...</a>

December 22, 2008

No anecdotes, but that I was just turning fifty when my youngest got us to go to church. We had avoided most churches as I firmly believed that most of the people were hipocrits. I have come along way since that time when I heard the pastor say that at this table all are welcome. What a change in my life and to add to that a few years later God asured me that it was all true. He loves us more than we will ever imagine and I got a very small climpse of that love. It's hard to describe what it is, except to say that you want more of it and you have a hard time explaining it to others. You can;t wait for him to give you just a little more and continually think about the love of God for you and others. My faith has made my family and my family has given me the opportunity to give my faith to others. In God's Grace John

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