Weight loss as sanctification

Chelsey Harmon

July 20, 2011

It is just speculation on my part, but I think that your fear may stem from the fact that you don't want to talk too seriously about yourself on stage.  Which is a shame - but it is common.  It is rare that I hear a pastor talk seriously about himself and his struggles to the congregation.<br><br>Add to that Church taboo the fact that talking about weight in general is a bad thing.  <br><br>Be bold, change your ways.  Share your personal victories and struggles with your people.  THEY NEED TO SEE HOW GOD WORKS more than they need to hear about how God works.  If you can say "I'm a follower of Christ and I'm working hard with my food problems, this week I had these success and these failures", this will help them come to SEE how a relationship with Christ, and ultimately the submission parts of that relationship work.

July 20, 2011

Churches need to be encouraged to offer programming that is good for the body, as well as for the soul.  Perhaps there's one too many bible-study, discussion group, etc. and our sedentary folk need to have yoga, core-workouts, walking clubs, biking outings, etc.  Churches need to promote and encourage weight-loss/management as a health and wellness issue, not as a "body-image" or beauty concept.

Ron Wright
July 21, 2011

Chelsey, I couldn't agree with you more on this.  I fully believe that my weight is a representation of just some of the sins in my life.  Getting right with God has given me the strength to lose weight and more importantly the strength to share my journey and faith with others.  Check out my journey at <a href="http://400plus.com" rel="nofollow">http://400plus.com</a>

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