What Church for the Obamas?

Steven Koster

December 11, 2008

All I can say Steven, is you got this exactly right. The whole point of the First Amendment was to allow diverse faiths to flourish, unhindered by any enforced common doctrines or rituals. Every faith is free to be exclusive, and a member of any of these exclusive faiths may be president of the whole country, politically, while practicing his or her faith, unconformed to what any other voters may choose for theirs. There was a report the Obamas had joined a Baptist church in Chicago. If so, it would make sense for them to join one in DC. There are many to choose from. They could even move around -- it is a bit of an imposition on any church service to have the Secret Service around EVERY Sunday!

December 11, 2008

I thought this was called Unitarianism.

Fred Dyches
December 11, 2008

All this is is religious jargon. Nothing in here even speaks of the real meaning of being a Christian. The Christian faith is simplistic until we get religion in the mix. Simplistic does not mean that it was simple and easy for God to send himself in the form of His son, Jesus Christ who died (gave all He had) to make a way for us to know Him and a way to Heaven by believing that He died for our sins and for that death we on earth are required to do is accept by faith that He was born so He could die on the cross so we have the option of accepting that, repenting from our sins, and finally, giving ourselves to Him for the remainder of our lives.

December 12, 2008

why go through the motions?<br><br>We dont want someone to put on a show. If it isnt there, why fake it?<br><br>God isnt impressed.<br>David<br><a href="http://www.redletterbelievers.com" rel="nofollow">www.redletterbelievers.com</a><br>

Matt B.
December 12, 2008

Very good article. The President should not choose a church to go to just because it represents "Our common faith" (whatever that means...). The President should go wherever it is that he/she feels led to go; a place that matches with their own beliefs.<br><br>---<br>"And by the same token, it’s a mistake to insist that America is a Christ-centered nation in her political structures, but I’ll leave that for another post."<br><br>I look forward to reading that one!

December 14, 2008

I beleive the Obama's should go to a church that coinsides with what they beleive in. Theres to much fake stuff going on these days. I'd like to know the real him.

Rosealee Wright
December 15, 2008

God has given evyone "free will" . The Obamas should be free to prctice and participate in their religion of choice. This will also be a true test of his beliefs. Yes America is a pluralistic society, but "freedom is freedom".

December 15, 2008

Well It will be interesting to know what their choice will be !<br><br>I see him as very realistic and it would be a shame if he decides to worship somewhere because it is expected of him.<br><br>The alternative will of course be to have a nice sunday service by their favorite minister in the white house - due security reasons. This would at least keep everyone happy and keep him real!

December 15, 2008

Unitarian is defined in distinction to Trinitarian. This calls for a recap of history. During the course of the Protestant Reformation, some who left the Roman church rejected the doctrine of "Trinity" as not Biblically sound, and returned to emphasis on the Old Testament, "The Lord our God is One God." Many Protestants remained Trinitarian of course, insisting that God IS One, but is also Three Persons. Some Unitarian congregations emerged in central Europe during the 1600s, and were viciously persecuted. In North America, Baptist evangelism arose among the New England Puritans, and among the resulting Baptist congregations, some became Unitarian Baptists. That was the origin of the Unitarian church in the USA. Over time, Unitarians became known as rather liberal people, as did the distinct sect known as Universalists. Eventually they merged, to form the Unitarian Universalists. Thomas Starr King, a Unitarian missionary in California, expounded that "Unitarians believe God is too good to damn people, but Universalists believe people are too good to be damned by God." I am not sure what any of that has to do with what church the Obamas should worship at, since they are not known to be Unitarian Universalists, nor was the First Amendment written by Unitarians, although a few may have helped.

December 16, 2008

How about we pray and let the Obama family decide what church to belong to? Since when does all of America with it's twists and turns of what stands for "Godly" or "normal" get to choose what ANYONE believes or where they fellowship? To me, this is hazardous thinking!

December 17, 2008

The Christian faith is simple, until you meet one other Christian whose simple notion of Christianity differs from yours. Multiply by millions, and it gets very complex. Get two people who more or less agree in one corner, and two who agree differently in another corner, and you get religion into the mix.

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