What Does a Faithful Posture Toward Film Look Like?

The good folks at Western Theological Seminary invited me to be part of their Luxcast video series, where Celebration Cinema CCO Eric Kuiper and I had a conversation about the various postures Christians take toward contemporary film.

How are we to regard movies? As mere entertainment, as threatening cultural objects, or—as I propose in my new book—as potential prayers? What is the role of the film artist in this dynamic? And, most importantly, how can our Christian faith play a guiding part?

These queries and others are covered in our brief discussion. Eric and I offer a few answers, but I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences, as well. What posture do you take when sitting down for a film? How does your faith influence your viewing? And has a film ever expressed the groaning or rejoicing of your own heart? Please share any thoughts you have in the comments below.


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Hi! I read your posts all the time! I thank you for your work.
I am wondering if you could pass along some movie titles for our movie group that has been meeting now for @10 years….we are always looking for worthwhile , thought provoking films. Thanks.

Thanks Barbara! You’ll be happy to hear we have a Pop Culture Primer coming out soon that will include a list of five films worth exploring from a Christian perspective. I don’t want to spoil them now ;) If you’re up for a challenge, I’d recommend The Tree of Life. Otherwise here’s a random bunch of others: Children of Men, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, A Serious Man, Toy Story, True Grit (2010), The Black Stallion, Field of Dreams. Enjoy!

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