Who owns Jesus more?

Steven Koster

Sharon Young
December 21, 2008

No one own's him but the father god that we all pray to if it had not been for god him self mary would have never been in existed. So there fore god say's this. That know one come through the door with out consulting the son and his name is Jesus. He said that i'am in the father and the father is in me so he is saying that they are one. That's just it we struggle to for give one another and your right that's what make it so much more of a mess god said to for gtve 70 times 70. But we all know if this be true we are all human and yes we are made in his image but nevertheless the sprit is willing but the flesh is weak and it would be a beautiful planted if we all could forgive in a instant. Peace be with us all until the end Amen.

December 22, 2008

Yes. Church is a safe place to come be a mess. The problem is, there are those in great numbers that not only want to come to the christian church to be a mess, but they want to force the church to adopt the very beliefs and policies that made their lives a mess.<br><br>I personally do not know christians that claim to "sin less" than non-christians I presume the article is maintaining. I believe 1 is 1000 and vice versa. There is not a difference in that regard.<br><br>The difference is clearly between those that are prepared to stand on biblical principles and between those that want to modify those pronciples in the name of tolerence.<br><br>Who do we need to reconcile with? Who are we supposed to appologize to? Whose proper?

December 22, 2008

The problem it seems is in the negative mindset of said letter.Altho theres truth to a degree in any conclusion of the church and theres so many.The church that lacks the holy spirit and biblical teaching is a sure fire way to disasterous and fallacy of man and his limited knowledge.A CHURCH without gods spirit may as well be a idol or creation of man surely not of gods.The spirit lead church of pentacost was the fulfilment of a promise by GOD to put his spirit inside man and not upon them.Having said that lets look at a few statements in above letter and tie it together.To say christians are a screwed up bunch and is church a safe place to be messed up?.if more time was spent seeking the mentioned spirit of god all these other things would not decrase but the mindset of christ will bring strength to get passed the interpeople conflict and bring peace even among the humanity.Now humanity is a messed up bunch and who can blame them in this self absorbed culture and unrealistic life expectations society of today.Without the saving grace and salvation of CHRIST all other organizations and groups are human creation full of regulations and rules of man.Not that alot of human organizations dont do good and benefit the community and CHURCH.but theres only 1 true biblical church born of the blood and then spirit at pentacost .Sad but true anything else is prone to alot of human error lacking forgiveness and long feuds between sects and parishoners just being human beings we are saved but theres still awhole lotta sin fat left in the mind and body and only time and spirit can overcome the flesh.Its a process for most, some others easier and quicker Eachday must start for a renewing of the mind PRAYER.and let the spirit retrain the thought patterns from negative and glum to positive and joy of security of spirit lead living capable of lifelasting mentalogicall changes and direction

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