Why Christians should be encouraged by new immigration proposals

Julia K. Stronks

Adrian deLange
February 1, 2013

Thanks so much for this insightful piece, Julia. I am encouraged! I love what you wrote--especially at the end.

I just became a US permanent resident this week--after marrying my beautiful (American) wife in July last year.
I'm white with Northern European ancestry--and so no one every guesses me for an immigrant. And because they don't, American Christians have said some pretty nasty things about immigrants to me or in my presence--especially in terms that dehumanize immigrants by seeing them only for what they can contribute to the US economy (to "us").
I'm always encouraged that there are also Christians who recognize that we have been "Blessed to be a blessing" (cf. Abraham's blessing in Gen.12 or Jesus' Parable of the Talents in Mt.25) and that we can't go on merely living for ourselves or even primarily for our country.

I think an important part of the solution to this issue as well is for Christians to get to know immigrants--legal and illegal--and understand why they're here. Many of the illegal immigrants whom I've met are either Christians or are open to Christianity...yet too often they're dismissed as law-breakers and somehow less human than those of us who have a passport.

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