Why God made The Beach Boys

John J. Thompson

Micheal Hickerson
July 10, 2012

Wasn't "God Only Knows" from Pet Sounds one of the first pop songs to mention God in the title or lyrics?

One of the things I love about Pet Sounds is how it basically deconstructs the "surf, sun, and girls" themes of other Beach Boys songs. Especially on the later tracks, there's this sense that the answers being offered (e.g. have fun, hang out with girls) are not enough to address real problems.

BTW, the Beach Boys narrowly avoided being involved with some much darker elements of the late 1960s:

Phil Miglioratti
July 10, 2012

JOhn, you've said it well - every since the early 60's, Beach Boys/ /Brian WIlson music has connected me to the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace ...

I have a site www.PrayForSurf.net and blog a www.PrayForSurfBlog.blogspot.com and am about to do a sermon entitled "The Gospel According to the Beach Boys" teaching with a worship leader who is also a BB fanatic!

Love and mercy,

Ben Ricketts
January 4, 2013

I am the fan riding down the road, yelling out lyrics. "I'm a little bit scared, 'cause I haven't been home in a long time" is one of my favorite lyrical passages ever.

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