Why the real challenge to marriage is heterosexual

John Seel

June 4, 2012

1. Yes.
2. "Marriage only works on the basis of “mutual fulfillment through mutual sacrifice.” "
3. Assume it's not and keep working at it!

I'm a 3Xr. Divorced once, widowed once...this one I'm gonna kill! Seriously. My first marriage was a disaster. My husband was a sex addict and I was lonely and looking for that fairy tale that never comes true. My second husband was a healer. He taught me to love unconditionally, to believe in myself, to have faith, to grow, to explore, to forgive. He died. Not the fairy tale ending I wanted. Husband #3 came in 18 months after #2 passed away. We were lonely strangers. He coped with disagreements by threatening to bolt. This didn't sit well with my fear of abandonment! We're celebrating our 11th in a few months. Things are better. I figured God was asking me to be the healer this time. #2 was there for me when my fears got the best of me. I held on for #3 until he stopped running. It's work. But you don't find true intimacy without it!

BTW: I can't speak for God on the topic of gay marriage but two things stand out for me. 1. God doesn't need my help determining what is or isn't a holy union. And, 2. They can hardly make a bigger mess of it than the heterosexuals have!

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